Self-Learning Braille and Multi-lingual Unicode to Braille Translator

By Arif Reza Anwary 

Self Learning Braille

Reading ability especially for blind children has long been acknowledged to be a critical factor in the educational progress. 

Learning of alphabet is a complex task regardless of the medium through which the skill is acquired. However, read print access like Braille is specially designed to minimize these learning difficulties. A Braille translator is a software program that translates a script into Braille cells, and sends it to a Braille embosser, which produces a hard copy in Braille script of the original text. In Bangladesh there is no Bangla Braille translator software for the visual impaired people. For translating Bangla document to Braille, Duxbury Braille Translator has been mostly used which is expensive for small publisher and individuals. Our research shows that Duxbury Bangla translator has significant error rate and it does not support Bangla available fonts rather than Unicode Bangla Text. Due to cost and unavailability; more than 4 million visually impaired people in Bangladesh don’t have any opportunities to translate any Bangla word into Braille, and subsequently can’t print to read any material in Bangla.

A user friendly Bangla Braille translation software is developed which translates electronic Bangla documents into Braille code. Our Bangla Braille translator will convert Unicode into braille or braille into Unicode.

For example, under normal circumstances, anyone can give input in the software and can get output in Braille. In another situation for example, if someone has braille in an electronic braille note taker and if he/she wants to produce the file in Unicode to be shared with someone who does not need to read braille that can also be done.

Unicode Text to Braille Translator