Refreshable Digital Braille Display Team Members

Team Leader:

1. Md. Arif Reza Anwary, 

Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

United International University,

Mobile: +8801932350286, E-mail:

  1. Fayyaz Khan,


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

United International University,

Mobile: +8801819605455, E-mail: 

     3.DrHasan SarwarProfessor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

United International University,

Mobile: +8801676532254, E-mail:

  1. VashkarBhattacharjee,

National Consultant,Web Accessibility,Access to Information (a2i),

Prime Minister’s Office,People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Programme Officer,Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) 

DAISY Focal Person, Bangladesh 

Executive Member, Bangladesh Visually Impaired Peoples Society Mobile: +8801718345035, E-mail:

Global Data on Visual Impairments 2010 published that 285 million visually impaired worldwide and about 90% live in developing countries. Almost two million sight loss in UK and 360,000 registered blind or partially sighted (RNIB,2014) and they predicted that it will be 2,250,000 by 2020 and nearly 4 million by 2050. According to WHO report 2011, there are around 400,000 visually impaired people in Bangladesh. This vast number of people is devoid of proper education due to lack of accessible educational equipments and hence cannot contribute positively towards socio-economic development of Bangladesh.  Learning of alphabet is a complex task regardless of the medium through which the skill is acquired. In this modern age, access to Braille materials is the key to literacy for individuals who are deaf and blind. As technology evolves rapidly, there is increased need for access to eBooks and other electronic forms of materials for these groups of people. 

The current cost of refreshable Braille technology based equipment is quite high and hence few visually impaired people can afford to buy such expensive gadgets. United International University (UIU) has been conducting research to design an efficient, low cost and user friendly Refreshable Digital Braille Display system to provide easy access to Braille system for the visually impaired people in the country. This portable and  handy device is being designed to minimize learning barriers for this targeted group. Salient features of this device include display of both Bangla, English alphabets and numbers with selected examples with rhymes. Any student can use it for reading Bangla Board Text Book from grade1 to grade10. In rural and urban areas of Bangladesh, it is very difficult to get proper support for learning Braille. This device will provide self-learning facilities for deaf-blind students to learn, understand and practice Bangla and English Unicode based contents. Features are following:

  •  Multilingual Unicode Text to Braille Translator
  •  Audible and Braille Keyboard Navigation
  • Screen Reader
  • Refreshable Digital Braille Display (RDBD)
  • Accessible Internet through RDBD
  • Special web portal for Teachers, Students and Other users to access Library, Docs etc 
  • Infrastructure for Education System