Voice Controlled Robot [Bangla Manob-I] for 5th Softfair 2004 [NSU]

            Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary and Md. Redwanur Rahman

Bangla Manob-I is equipped with IR sensor, microphone, speaker, stepper motors, opto-coupler, LEDs and computer interfacing device etc. This was the first robot in Bangladesh which performed different human like activities including interaction with human through different gestures. The Robot is able to communicate through voice interface. Once a person comes in front of the robot, an IR sensor gives a signal to a computer through the LPT (parallel or D25) port and then the computer starts recording voice signal from the microphone placed at the forehead of the robot. The voice is converted in to text format using SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface) and the words are then separated and analyzed using grammar based lexical analysis. A possible list of answers is prepared based on the analytical result. The statistically top priority answer is then selected and converts that text in to corresponding voice format and sends to the speaker placed at the chest. Stepper motors are placed at different locations for movement so that particular voice comment activates corresponding motors to run which performs the robot to walk, show different body parts (left and right hands, legs etc). The robot can also sing songs or tell stories when instructed.



Recognition: This project achieved the first prize at 5th NSU SoftFair 2004 organized by North South University Computer Club, Bangladesh.

 TV interview: Demonstration of Robot (Bangla Manob), Program: Lal Golap, Program Type: Talk Show, Channel:  BTV World, 7th of December, 2004, Bangladesh


Bangla Manob- II for SOFTEC 2005

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

Bangla Manob-II inherits the activities of Bangla Manob-I. Special features have been added and old feathers have been modified to make it more efficient. New structure is designed with additional equipments like wireless camera, wireless transmitter and receiver, LDR and designing of a computer interfacing device etc. Once a person comes in one meter near the robot, the IR sensor sends a signal to computer and the computer generates necessary signal to turn on the camera and microphone. A wireless circuit is used to communicate between the computer and the robot. The captured video and voice information is transmitted to computer through a computer interfacing unit. Different mathematical techniques has been investigated for real time pattern matching (template matching, logarithmic matching, spectrum analysis of FFT and DCT etc) for human face and object recognition. Later artificial neural network has been implemented for the face recognition and the technique has been modified for three-dimensional object recognition. Once the face in front of the camera is matched with the predefined database, robot gets the personal information of that person. It starts communicating by simple gesture like “Hi Mr. X, how are you?” or “hello Mr. X, how is your time passing today?”. The robot will again capture the answer of the speaker, analyze using the intelligent chat software developed for Bangla Manob-I and replay through the speaker.


Recognition: This project achieved the second prize in the All Asian software completion (SOFTEC2005) held in Pakistan.

TV interview: Demonstration of Robot (Bangla Manob), Program: CAMPUS, Program Type: Talent Talk, Channel: ATN Bangla, 23rd February, 2005, Bangladesh

Invited presentation:

 a. Topic: Emerging Technology of Robotics, Venue: Royal Institute of Management (Center for Information Technology), Kathmandu, Bhutan. 18th August, 2005. 

b. Topic: Robot: Bangla Manob- II, Venue: Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan, 19th March 2005 

c. Topic: Robotics: A Students’ Perspective, Venue: Apex College, Tribhuvan, Nepal. 8th January, 2005



Bangla Manob- III for IUPS CSE Festival 2011, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Developed by: Munzur-ul-mamun, Subrata Karmoker, Abdlah-Al-Naser, MD.Shakil Khan, Sk.Razee-Al-Islam, Sharif Ullah and Salauddin Ahmed

Supervised by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary





















An intelligent robot has been developed for human machine interaction. A wireless circuitry has been designed and interfaced with the computer for controlling the robot. A microcontroller is used to monitor sensory information and generate necessary signals to indicate different body parts (showing hands, legs and eyes etc.). The microcontroller analyzes sensor information and generates signals for performing different activities (walk, left turn, right turn and hand movements etc.). This intelligent robot can follow human voice instructions, talk like human, sing songs, tell story and perform other activities. It can identify individual persons and objects using image processing through real time camera. The special feature of this robot is to interpret sign language. The robot can be controlled through manual command, voice instruction and hand gesture through computer.

Recognition: This project achieved Special Prize for the Best Effort at IUPS CSE Festival 2011 took place at the campus of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

Video Link1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0MBE_15o4o
Video Link2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-itByhd-nw
Video Link3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYsZvf7kJWk

Jontre Bangla Bornomalar Hatekhori (Digital Braille)for IUPS CSE Festival 2011, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Developed by: Munzur-ul-mamun

Supervised by: Sarwor Hosain Khan and Md. Arif Reza Anwary













Reading ability especially for blind children has long been acknowledged to be a critical factor in the educational progress. Learning of alphabet is a complex task regardless of the medium through which the skill is acquired. However, read print access like Braille is specially designed to minimize learning difficulties. This project is named as Multilingual Learning for Blind (MLB). It is a self learning device for Bangla and English languages. This device is accomplished through a sequential presentation of Bangla and English alphabets, numbers with corresponding examples and rhymes. It is designed in an easy way so that any age level student can use it as a toy. This device is very helpful for pre-schooling learners. In general, it is difficult to learn alphabets without the help of a teacher for a blind student. In rural and urban areas of Bangladesh, it is very difficult to get proper support for learning Braille. The MLB provides assistance for blind student to learn, understand and practice Bangla and English languages. This project has protected by copyright protection law in Bangladesh from University of Asia Pacific.

Recognition: This project achieved the Runner Up prize at IUPS CSE Festival 2011 took place at the campus of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).


Air Flow Speed measurement with Direction device for R&D Bangladesh Air Force

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

The air speed and the direction of air flow are essential information for plane to land and depart. The air flow meter was based on analogue system which gave air speed and direction using dials. The rotors for measuring air speed and direction were available. An optocoupler was used with mechanical design to sense rotor movement or clock and anti-clock directions. The data from sensors was then filtered and feed to microcontroller (ATMEL 8051). ADC was used to feed 8-bit digital data to microcontroller. Keil software was used to write code for microcontroller and display speed and direction on information on LCD display.


Voice Activated System Control for The 1st Stamford IT Fair 2004

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary


A microphone is used to collect voice information and Microsoft SAPI is used to covert the speech information for corresponding text form. The text is analyzed to extract voice instructions.  SAPI ActiveX is used in Visual basic for understanding user instructions and decision making for controlling input devices mouse and keyboard. Opening any program, writing, editing and all sort of work related with mouse and keyboard is performed using voice instruction.

Recognition: Third prize for a project titled Voice Activated System Control, displayed at The 1st Stamford IT Fair 2004 organized by BCC, Bangladesh Computer Society & Information Technology in Bangladesh.


Digital Clock for UAP Software & Hardware Club

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

A digital clock has been simulated using Electronic Workbench software and implemented. The hexadecimal counter IC 74LS193, shift register IC 74LS14, xor IC 74LS86, BCD to seven-segment driver IC 74LS47, timer IC 555 and registers etc are used.   


Game [Amateur-I, Amateur-II, Amateur-III] for UAP Software & Hardware Club

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

Amateur is a series of learning software for kids. There are games, animated rhymes, stories and drawing facilities. Visual basic is used in the front, Microsoft movie maker is used for character selection, adobe premiere and Ulead Media Pro are used for animation and video editing, Ulead Media Pro is used for voice editing etc.

Recognition: This project achieved the second prize in the UAP Software & Hardware Fair 2003 organized by The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) Software & Hardware Club, Bangladesh.


Earthquake data acquisition and Bridge Vibration data acquisition for UAP Civil Research Team

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

A frictionless real time earthquake data acquisition system has been developed for a four layer shaking table. Another frictionless real time bridge vibration data acquisition system has been developed where sensors are placed on a bridge with fixed duration.  For data acquisition, a microcontroller based circuit has been designed where an opto-coupler is used for real time data collection, sophisticated low, high pass filters are used for noise minimization and interfacing circuit is used to send captured information to a computer through LPT port for data analysis. Software is then developed for two projects to perform different mathematical analysis and display the results in graphs. It has the facility to inter-exchange data to/from Matlab and Excel.


Digitize Universal Testing Machine for UAP Civil Research Team

Developed by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary

An interfacing device and analysis software for a Universal Testing Machine (UTM) has been designed and implemented to record the load and extension or compression information of the specimen.


Doraemon Surveillance Robot for UAP FAIR 2012

Developed by: Abdullah-Al-Naser, Riazul Islam, Shakil Khan and Raiyana Alam

Supervised by: Md. Arif Reza Anwary and Zaforullah Momtaz


 Doraemon Surveillance Robot (DSR) is a tactical robot for the security purpose which is equipped with temperature, light, sound, vision and IR sensors. As this is the continuation of robotic development by SnH, UAP, our DSR inherits many features from previous development. It has been particularly developed for taking instant decision considering home or office security. Our DSR robot will not only protect building from burglars, but also will control appliances for saving power consumption. A FM wireless circuit has been designed and interfaced with microcontroller to control electrical appliances (light, fan or AC etc). If any electrical appliances are turned on after leaving the room, it will be switched off automatically by the DSR which will save extra uses of power consumption. After the office hour, if any burglar comes in the designated region, the DSR will send SMS to the authority with photo and lock the door. An option is also be used to send SMS to the local police with security code with problem description for immediate action. For any unexpected consequences such as fire, short circuit or earth quake etc occurs, the DSR will send message to the authority and take necessary actions such as sending SMS to fire service, turn on the water tank tap for controlling fire and open doors etc. The DSR is also equipped with custom control to use in different purposes for example, home assistance, story teller or lie detector etc.